For a minute there she almost forgot who she is,
A lady,
With a smile so warm and bright,
It leaves every soul around lit….
Is she? Truth though,
She’s just a hot bowl of mess
With a heart and soul so broken
She still doesn’t know how to piece it all together
With a smile so warm and bright externally
But underneath,
Nothing is more crooked and cracked,
What you see?
A girl full of color and valor,
What’s really there,
A girl, so dull and blue,
So cold,
Her teeth clutter every time,
She tries to speak.
So cold,
Not even the fiery flames of hell
Can stop the shivers
Sooo cold,
A drop of tear can’t make it
All the way down to her cheeks
without being turned to ice.
That’s what she is.
Afraid that if she lets the warmth in
She still won’t be able to fight the cold
Afraid that if she moves,
Nothing good will come of it
But a series of mistakes.
So she puts on a mask,
Hides it all under till dusk,
Tries to work it all out on her own,

But redemption is too far beyond her grasp,
With every little glimpse of light,
She’s pulled deeper into darkness,
Deeper into hopelessness,
With every curtain closing down on her,
She sadly and slowly lets go,
Gives in to her demons,
And eventually, she walks away from it all,
Away from the little hope she clang to



When I needed an angel it was you who made the sacrifice
Just in the nick of time
When I needed an angel I didn’t have to look to the sky
‘Cause you made me realize that you were right here all the time
Right here all the time, right here all the time

Who doesn’t like boy bands? Me? I love ’em. So much I’d spend a whole day in bed listening to their touchy feely songs. Weird right? But that’s how we all end up in karaoke slaying the lyrics plus the tune, but with a voice so crooked a frog would croak better. ‘All 4 One’, that song up there is one of my favorites of their songs and it’s also my ‘now playing’.

The lyrics, so true your mind can’t help but wander off to all those amazing moments you’ve had in life, not forgetting how mad or sad you feel for every one of the moments that broke you. Deny it all you want but we’ve all been to this place at one point in time, and don’t even dare say it only happened when you were younger ’cause that’s a lie I wouldn’t dream of believing so it would do us much good if you kept the thought, or rather, lie… to yourself. To those of us strong enough to admit we get these moments though, don’t you ever wonder what happened to that one person you wouldn’t hesitate wasting a bullet on? Personally, I do, especially when I think of how precious Ms. Karma hasn’t still had the chance to get to that beautiful soul due to her long list.

But, as of today, Madge chooses to relieve Karma of her duties. Which brings me to…

Dear Ms. Karma,

Madge here, Unfortunately that’s the only formality I’d engage in at the moment so i’ll just jump right in to the nitty-gritty. Am sure you’ve heard this famous saying you inspire so much, ‘Karma is a b***h’?, by now am guessing you’re sitted somewhere reading this like “whaaat! who! me? Psssh!!! It can’t be that bad” Gaaal, you have no idea how much you’ve lived up to your reputation among us humans.

For true though, am even sure some bizarre humans somewhere have set up a pretty little shrine where they take each of their first fruit of their harvest beautifully wrapped with a long list of the people they want you to visit in that particular season. Yap!!! That’s how admirable your vengeful skills are. This might be a rumor though, right? As in you might be a rumor, but you know what?

Just incase you’re not a rumor and you’re really out there being bad ‘Santa’, punishing poor souls for being the only thing their existence allows them to be:Human, I know you’ve come across my long list of people I’ve always wanted you to pay a ‘visit’. Everyone has a list by the way, heck even the pope has to have one tucked somewhere no one can see.

Anyway, now that we’re working with the fact that you might be in existence,  then it’s safe to say that you really are made for avenging good people or whoever it is you help. You have to admit though, it does get tiresome sometimes, right? Which is why today I choose to withdraw my long list of everyone I’ve always wanted you to punish on my behalf. Why? I swear I also don’t know why I’ve had a sudden change of heart.

Probably I saw the light and just got tired of subconsciously pacing around waiting for something terrible to happen to people in my bad books just so I can gloat and scream “You just got slapped by Karma b***h!!!”. Or it could be, I simply felt we overwork you too much and thought you could use a big break.

So please crumple my paper, dump it in the fire place and use the little time you’d spared for me to get yourself a decent meal which you should enjoy watching your favorite show. Better yet, take a very long nap that should leave you fresh for your next 1st person in the list after mine.

And that, Ms. Karma is how grateful I am. Am pretty sure you’ve crossed rivers and climbed the steepest mountains ever imagined and for that I will forever cherish you. You never know, probably out of this, some good may come your way, lol!  Personally, I choose to believe that how people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. So, do good and good will come back to you.

‘Cause what goes up comes back down, so will all that hatred we go around spreading, but that’s just the law of existence. You’ve helped me a great deal there’s no doubt about that but it’s time I taught myself how to be a better person and learn to forgive and forget.

I choose to rest my Karma!!!!

Yours Sincerely,

Madge Sony.


*1st Epicle of Season 2*
It’s been what? A year(Am I the only one who thinks it should be ‘an’ year?) Plus? Rather, 2 happy new years. So this is the part where I should be apologising for, you know, up and leaving just like that without the usual ‘It’s not you It’s me’ break up cliche speech. I’ll have you know though, I’d rather you disappear from my life without notice than give me that crap! Β Anyways, am sorry, I really am, which is why this time am giving you no apology ’cause am going nowhere. Yap!!! Am definitely staying.

Like a normal Jane and John’s complicated situationship though, where John comes back with a very convincing story that would keep Jane from thinking about all the calories she had to stuff in her then model-ish body trying to calculate the maths behind her negative luck with men after he pulled a disappearing stunt on her for a very long while(we all know how it all ends, the memories get her so worked up, Jane slaps John, yada yada yada). Believe me, I have a story too, only that It’s not yet time for it to be told.

Let’s call this that title up there, shall we? In this epicle(Episode+Article) it’ll just be me irrelevantly highlighting Madge in two years, which is not a short time by the way, a lot has happened. For starters, I was 22 then, which is alot younger than today’s me so it’s safe to say I’ve grown older and wiser. Probably a little weak emotionally but hey, doesn’t that happen to every girl? So yeah, in no way does that affect my growing older and wiser, especially because most of us come out of it stronger.

*flips long imaginery hair, snaps dramatically{continues}*
Like every other normal human being, There’s been happy additions plus happy and sad subtractions in my life in terms of friendships. I know some of you are thinking what type of person would feel good about losing a friendship? Well, you better be comfy in your seats right now ’cause this is where my ‘older and wiser’ comes in. If you’re thinking what the connection between being comfortably sitted and me being older and wiser is, don’t let it bother you much ’cause I also have no Idea so just forget about it and keep reading. Β ‘Older and wiser’… it simply taught me that some additions in life could be venomously dangerous. Aren’t those the kind of friendships we’re happy to lose? Hence the happy subtractions. 😊

One more highlight, my muse ran away(literally). They all do, but he came back and we had a little falling out, kind’a like a little Jane & John situation. He was like, “I swear am here to stay” and I was like “reeeaaaally? If I got a dollar for each time you told me that, I wouldn’t be here Interning my neck off to get to where I wanna be in life.” Then he was like “For real, am done being a ghost, you know appearing and…” Me cuts in, “…And disappearing, yeah yeah I get it.” I stop and think for a minute, “No doubt this will happen again, with you it always does. You’re just lucky scribbling silly words down on paper is Kind’a hard without you in my life, being that it’s the one thing that gives me much pleasure.” So we hug and, “This time, stick around a little longer atleast, I might need you more than before” I say. Then, “I promise.” He says….

Now, if you read through the whole convo between my muse and I, you must be a very patient soul. Which is why am letting you know that the convo really happened(like for real for real…haha), and it should be confirmation enough that this Island is up and running.
Photo credits: Klenses Images

*Curtsys* Thank you!!!😜

πŸ™ˆZIP UP GUYS!!!!😀

Have you ever thought that maybe,just maybe all our attention is taken to how many times ladies’ honey pots as most call it,are ever closed? How some even lost their lids? That we tend to forget about our men.



I was having this convo in the morning with my significant other where the society has become so unfair.How it concentrates about ladies not keeping their legs closed,but how about the men?Now I know most of you will argue the same way he did,that men do not open their legs,if you know what I mean.Yes they don’t,what do they open then?their zips,yeah that’s you might not have legs to open but then again your zippers do open anytime anywhere in not more than a second.


Its funny how you don’t see zips open faster than legs

Am not justifying the ladies,no don’t get me wrong.What am trying to say is,while you men go around criticizing the ladies with how fast our legs can open,remember your zips can open as fast,and yes you might think you’re conquering the world and being the boss by calling yourself a ‘master key’ oh and talking about how much the descendants paved way for you by having a hundred and one wives.I would call that a load of crap.So now you want to evolve from the 20th century where you played with mud to the 21st century where you spend 99% of your time on FIFA? But you don’t want to evolve from the world where men had concubines?

It’s justifiable yes but its just the dumbest justification that can be in all the 9 planets.Our descendants had a million and one wives yes,but at least they could show them to the World which should tell you that they did have respect for the women.Also,to them it was a sign of wealth.So you see,they had something to show for it.What do you have?a bunch of apps to flirt with all those ladies you want to lure to that bed of yours? Money you get from mummy,daddy,pool games,that 1st paying internship job you got in campus,your friend’s savings that you made him give up for you by telling him to try and understand a man’s plight,how for him to know it’s an emergency,he should try and put himself in your shoes just to see why your pants’ zip can’t be closed for long,but that’s right after you swear that you’ll pay him back.You think that’s cool,Ah ah that is actually having NO STANDARDS!!! NO!!! NONE WHATSOEVER!!!




Using all those dumb lyrics,’simsima,who’s got the key to your p*****?’ Really? Apparently,that’s a common song that you guys use just to keep a girl talking about her ‘fundamentals'(for lack of a better word) you know how you try and be Jason Derulo with all that ‘I wanna see you talking/texting dirty to me’ crap? How you just can’t stop pleading for her to send you that nude pic of herself and since she’s so reluctant but your dirty mind is really craving for some skin,you go like ‘okay just send one in your bikini atleast’ but she’s still reluctant coz she doesn’t actually trust you coz she knows you’re so going to show it off to your ‘boys'(which is true) so you decided to be the pacesetter just to console and tell her its okay to be crazy sometimes,by sending her one of yours with absolutely nothing on.

Well guess what? 90% of the times,that’s a tactic that works miracles.So tomorrow comes and the 1st thing you go bragging about is how you got her to undress in WhatsApp by calling her a ‘W***E’..hold up!!!Did you actually miss the part where you were the 1st to undress? What makes you less of a ‘W***E’ than she is?Again..NO STANDARDS!!!!! And you wonder why all those girls mature up and they want absolutely nothing to do with you later on in life? Well that’s coz you were and still are a man of NO STANDARDS!!!

Here’s the thing,you see how you keep saying that you’ll never wife a girl that HAS opened her legs to every Tom,Dick and Harry? That’s what you keep saying,right?Well who do you think wants a husband that opens his zip to every moving thing in a skirt?




What you don’t realize is,ours is in past tense,noticed the ‘HAS’ πŸ‘†πŸ‘†in caps.Most ladies,do actually move on from those lives.Unfortunately,the zips remain open from day one.VERY few zips are closed and belive it or not,ladies take that as a blessing since good guys have become so rare in our society coz most of you men,you just have the dumbest perspective on life.Being a bad boy is life for you.*sigh*

Yes,’Just because your full doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu’ its okay,you go ahead,look at everything,but don’t go around eating from every single plate you find with food on the table.If you feel one is not enough and you think you are so right,well get a second and third and introduce them to the World,comfortably.But if you can’t,you know it’s wrong and that’s why you absolutely have NO STANDARDS if you keep more in that house you build for them in those Applications.I will have you know that having standards killed no one,well unless you’ve heard someone whose death was caused by ‘having-standards’.

Seriously..ZIP UP GUYS…ZIP UP!!!!!!






It's all about looking good..

It’s all about looking good..

So i look around facebook and i come across some haircut pics.I wanted to lock my hair so i had to look for someone i wouldn’t end up not paying and bam!!!! I bumped into those lovely pics,asked for the price and it was affordable.Asked for the directions,well for me,direction is the trickiest thing in my life.Those who know me so well can atest to that.I was given the directions yes and as usual i got confused so my plan was put on hold.Till recently a good friend of mine started complaining my hair looks shabby.Usually i ignore every other person’s comments but Sarah’s(my pal)When that ‘chiq’ gives a negative opinion on something,i don’t even think twice.

I still wanted to lock my hair though but she still insisted i shave and i thought,oh well why not.Only problem was,i didn’t know where to do it.So a colleague suggested a guy called Mose and her directions to Mose’s place matched the ones i got the last time i asked for directions on facebook.This time round i had Sarah so directions weren’t really a problem.We ended up at Mose’s and that’sπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ what happened.

1st time he did my hair,gave me a new look..Loving it,no regrets whatsoever....

1st time he did my hair,gave me a new look..Loving it,no regrets whatsoever….

You might be thinking what does barbering( is that even a word) have to do with art?! If there’s one thing i’ve come to realise,guys like pampering their hair so much.Which is not bad,i mean who would want a guy with unkempt hair? Such a turn off and it’s a good thing,the guys know it.So if you think it’s only girls that do their hair after two weeks,think again.Men are almost beating us at our own game.Their hair game be so strong(okay that just sounded weird on so many levels,still leaving it there though)

Only that for a good look...make a mistake and give that then wait for me to do your would be disastrous...

Only that for a good look…make a mistake and give that then wait for me to do your hair…it would be disastrous…

Ever wondered why guys pay a 1000 bob for a haircut which should be around 50 bob?!I always asked myself that question,everytime i’d get into a barber shop and they’d charge me more than 50 bob but sometimes you just have to sacrifice if you really want to look as good.The problem with me i’m ever bargaining.Who doesn’t anyways?!

Cool and calm guy..Does wonders with your hair.

Cool and calm guy..Does wonders with your hair.

Everything is talent,doΒ what you love and love what you do.The results will forever be exquisite.He’s the perfect example of a perfectionist.When you look at him styling his clients’ hair,you’d absolutely tell that he’s giving it his all.Shuts the whole world out and gives your hair undivided attention.For him,he has to do it right.He has to see that satisfaction smile on his client’s face after he’s done with him.I’d say he’s one blessed guy,and i know i wouldn’t be lying.Give me a razor,let alone a machine,tell me to give you a simple side hair cut and you’d end up in a hospital ward covered in stitches,but to this guy it’s simple work perfectly done.

Concentration at its best...this is someone i'm forever entrusting my hair to.

Concentration at its best…this is someone i’m forever entrusting my hair to.

The stars and patterns you guys draw on papers and print on T-shirts is what Mose will draw on your head and it’ll be perfectly done it’ll even take a you a few days to get used to the look.I remember after my hair was done,i’dΒ looked at the mirror andΒ be like ‘oh btw i changed my hair’.The guy is that good with his machines.

If you read this and still don’t see how artistic this is.I hate to say it but…let me just leave it at that.

Actions speak louder than words anyways….in my case though,photos always speak louder than words..there’s what am talking about.



Now this was just awesome....versace hair πŸ‘Œ

Now this was just awesome….versace hair πŸ‘Œ


And now,for the lovely ladies,he got you too.Knows what would suit you.Never disappoints.



In all honesty,i know you wished this was you at some point.

It could so be you still.You’d look good with anything at a very affordable price that would make you want to add him more…lol

Anyways,time for you to stop letting different people handle your hair.Here’s one for you.

People love him so much,they can't help showing off to the world the great mind behind their look.

People love him so much,they can’t help showing off to the world the great mind behind their look.

So what’s your style?

LOCATION:Opposite biashara building,just next to coffee hut on your way to Likoni.That 20 bob is absolutely worth it.Arts Island is never wrong..
Make your way to Glamourzone barber shop and Beauty Parlour and get you that new look.βœ‚πŸ’…

Am Arrahia!!!! ✌😘❀


Okay no this is serious,last time i was here was 1st of this month.No wonder guys keep asking whether my blog is still alive,yes people it’s very much alive and functional.Here i am.

1st of..Ese i’ll still do whatever you adked me to.Be patient please.

2nd of..Shaos the violinist yes bado niko tu and am back so now you do not have to keep revising my posts when you’re brain is full of mathematics.You should consider my advice though,just leave school,computer science will kill you dude.

3rd of Ian yes this blog still works i’d just taken a break from all this.Truth is,i seriously had no psych and content but here i am,so ready to help by the way.Hoping to get new content on Sunday though.

4th of..Neville,yes too…am very much functional.Writing will never stop for me.Am back from the break…new posts still to come.

To y’all readers of mine.Am so sorry for making you come here and get disappointed.And yes,i know i’ve apologised like a million and one times.All those apologies are genuine,today’s included.I promise to keep it that way.Not apologising but to be here always.

So what have you guys been upto?!…

Personally,i’ve been up to so much stuff,Pwani arts exhbition.Wasnt motivational enough to write but i’ll still put it down here though.
Me with family at Shimoni caves.

Me with big daddy and his two wives at Mamba Village.Am his biggest fan.

Me at coldstone…yaaaaas icecream is bae..🍨🍧

And that’s at Pwani Art’s exhibiton.

I missed the International Cultural Festival.Don’t know why..

I miss Mshikaki Fest..:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

I hope i’ll make it to all the good events that are coming up.

Oh wait i just realised that Sunday event will be in Nairobi.Won’t make it :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

Once again am sorry for being so lost…This time round am so sticking around for sure.

This is short but i hope you get the point…Am sticking around for sure.

I didn’t even make it to the event..but big things be coming y’all..Basically though,i had an amazing time and did so much stuff,met new good people.Hope you enjoyed your time though.
Am arrahia βœŒπŸ’•



Mum,i’ll definately tag you this,and as you read it,i know you might at one point feel like i no longer need your help but that feeling is so wrong.I will always be your little girl and i will always run to you in my darkest of times.In this moment though,i wanted to try and do it on my own.Be responsible coz am all grown now,i felt it was my battle.And it turned out so well all thanks to you.πŸ’•

Yes life is unfair,so unfair you wanna give up on everything everytime you try and look into your future and all you see is total darkness with not a single streak of light.

That was me two weeks ago.You know how we keep saying everything happens for a reason and that when a door closes on you,God is always there to open a window for you?Two weeks ago,all that made no sense to me.

So this is what happened,I got this job under a contract a few months ago.My 1st job ever by the way all thanks to a very good friend of mine,Victor.I’ve never been happier,i felt my life had started.No experience was required and they paid well for a student like me.There’s nothing i ever wanted more than paying my own stuff.Am a first born and the word ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ is a word my mum has never stopped mentioning to me so i couldn’t wait for that time i’d stop asking mum for cash and the time was finally here.Well,am a girl,all grown yes,i love mummy so much so growing up has never kept me from telling mum every one of my achievements and i told her all about it,she was so proud of me,it gave me so much motivation to always be at my best,looking forward to every single day of my work life.

It went on so well for the 1st few months i knew i was doing evrything right,i wasn’t perfect yes but man is to error.I never used that as an excuse though,i made sure everything was done so well,trying so hard not to repeat a single mistake.So committed,working from Sunday to Sunday.With my colleagues being so good to me,i knew it was all good,i was so comfortable i forgot the fact that humans will forever be humans,no matter how friendly or good they are to you there’s always that one time someone would terribly act like they’ve never seen or known you before.I was so consumed with the lively environment around me,i never had a moment to stop and think about the possible ‘what ifs’.Okay am not being malicious but we are human and we all have a dark side,it all depends on whether you’ll let it rule over your good side or not.Like i was saying,i was blind to all that till i received a call from a colleague one evening telling me he’s received word from the supervisor that i shouldn’t report to work the following morning.I was shocked yes,but here’s what i thought.Who does that?!A man in authority asking someone working under him to pass such information to another colleague at 10pm? What has this world really come to? Me being the big head that i am all thanks to mummy(she’s always taught me to fear no man and stand up for myself) So I decided to call him,just to let him say what he cowardly couldn’t tell me to my face,when i heard him say it,i was satisfied but one thing’s for sure,i knew my call made him feel so stupid coz as much as he didn’t wanna tell me face to face.I still made him say it anyways.

Next morning…ever lost a job,you forget to turn off your alarm then it wakes you up the next morning and it actually hits you that you have no where to go? Well,that was me.That’s when i lost it,i couldn’t hold back my tears.I felt all hope was lost,how could i call my mum and tell her i’d lost my job,i had savings yes but still using that money meant i had to start all over again but i still didn’t want to start asking money from mum again.So what would happen if i actually used all my savings,i’d still go back to mum.I knew all my options led me back to mum.Which would be me taking a hundred steps back and i didn’t want that,but here’s the thing,the darkness around me wouldn’t allow me to take a step back or foward coz i wasn’t sure where it would land me.Probably in a darker place.So i lay in bed crying but then i remembered my supervisor saying i wasn’t to report to work until further notice.The little English i know,tells me ‘until further notice’ means there’s still a chance.So i decided to be so good and apologise.To be honest,i had no idea what i was apologising for,it just felt like the right thing to do at the moment.So i wrote an apology and sent it to both my supervisor and the H.R.Minutes later i got a call from a friend telling me not to bother coz i’d already been replaced.That was actually meant to crash me more but Believe it or not,that was my motivation right there.Yes i was sad at first but later on i put two and two together and realised all that time i had no problem,i wasn’t at fault.My only problem was,i’d refused to mix business with pleasure and all they needed was someone who’d do both.If you know what i mean.It was at that moment that i thanked God for everything.I might have been fired on short notice but i really thanked Β God i walked out of that gate with my dignity as a lady.I felt a wave of calmness overcome me.I knew God had a reason for all that.All i had to do was refuse to take 100 steps backwards and look for a way foward.I knew it wouldn’t be easy but i had to start looking for a job before it was too late.I had so much hope that something would work out so i took my phone and started making enquiries for any job vacancies from friends until I got to an old pal,who’s always been like a mum and a sister to me and she told me i could try applying where she works.So i took my resumΓ© and a week later i got a call for an interview after which i was told to wait for a call in a weeks time though they made no promises.I just couldn’t stop praying and crossing my fingers at the same time.I even used to carry my phone to the washrooms.That’s how bad it was,but just when i was about to lose all hope,Sarah(my pal)leaked me some info and told me i got the job,all i had to do was wait for the official call and on the following day which was on a Friday,i got a call from my boss to be telling me to report to work on Monday at 8:30AM.

Why am i greatful?God gave me the strength to take a step foward,i had no idea where it’d take me but without all that hope and faith in me,i’d have missed that call forever.

All that taught me,everything does happen for a reason,no one knows what reason exactly but trust in God,have faith in Him and that reason will be clearly revealed to you.

I know I’ll forever be greatful to Him for giving me the courage to face a big challenge alone,with His guidance in every step of the way.The best part is,i don’t deserve all that goodness but He still did it anyways,all that gives me a reason to be greatful forever.

My daily prayer is that He’ll never leave my side no matter what.


Why the rainbow?For me rainbows just symbolise how colourful life is.These last few days to the end of the week were 100% proof for me that the people out there are just amazing.As i say that,am not exaggerating by the way.

Oh,excuse my manners please.Am so sorry for being off for a very long time.I had to get something for you guys and this might just be the longest post,most prolly making up for all that time i’ve been away.This excitement though,I just can’t contain it.Feels like am about to write a whole essay up in here but oh well,i got to be greatful and writing is the best way i know how.So here goes….

Ethiopia..what do you know about the country? Personally,when someone mentions Ethiopia,spicy food,battle of Adowa(am sure y’all guys remember this from your history class),beautiful people.That’s what comes in mind.I mean,have you guys ever seen them Ethiopian mamis? No homo but those girls be pretty from here to the ends of the earth.Anyways,my idea of Ethiopia has alot of truth in it by the way.

This is itπŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

This is itπŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

So i got to hang out with a few budz i got intro’d to by a very good pal of mine.

Good friends are rare to find.This mami is a blessing to me in so many ways...all the way from primary and still going strong...πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Good friends are rare to find.This mami is a blessing to me in so many ways…all the way from primary and still going strong…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Now first things first,from one lady to another,the men from that country,their looks just got me thinking? ‘So what if i actually get a hubby from Ethiopia?’ Atleast that way am assured of a beautiful baby boy or girl.That caucasian look is so out of this world.hehe..Back to reality though,i know not where my knight in shinning armour is.That prince charming who is supposedly supposed to sweep me off my tiny feet…lol *hides* πŸ™ˆ My point exactly being,B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L!!!!! that’s the word. that’s like their National language.Like their swahili.Personally,the only place i ever came across the word was in my history class.Now,i actually know how it sounds.I used to think Latina sounds romantic but Amharic got me re-thinking that.Now you definately wouldn’t understand what these guys are saying but you’d never get tired of listening to the sound of it.It’s just a cool and calm language.

Food…yaaaaaaass!!!!for a foodie like me,food is ever on this pretty mind of mine and i loooooove tasting new stuff.Yes,the food is spicy but,it is veeery sweet.My best part being,food is served on a tray,no spoons,forks or knives,just you and your hands.Now here comes the sweetest part of it.These guys knowing that you’re actually new to the whole Ethiopian food thing,their way of getting you to like it,is by feeding you.I know you’d say that’s normal but what doesn’t make it normal in my case is the fact that they don’t do it once or twice.Now i really don’t know if that’s a thing in their country.The excitement was too much,i forgot to ask but i think it’s just amazing seeing how caring they are.

No caption needed..the fact that everyone's glued to the tray tells it all...

No caption needed..the fact that everyone’s glued to the tray tells it all…

Dances..yes,i had a night out with them,very psyched up people you wouldn’t get bored watching them getting their groove on,dancing to every single tune.Then the dj decided to play them something from home and trust me they dropped every Western dance and immediately switched to their style.From looking at them,all i got was that ‘proud to be Ethiopian’ vibe and it was amazing.Now,not to criticize or anything but how many of us early,mid and late twenties kenyans would sing along to any of our culture’s song without including those jamaican dances we do in clubs? Just asking…My point being,seeing young Africans who are so rich in culture and proud of it gives us assurance that the Western World hasn’t taken over completely and that’s a very good sign.

Now i didn’t get much time with them but you know what we say,it’s the little things that matter most.It was a group of six young,beautiful and jovial Ethiopians who loved Kenya very much by the way.Yes,we have a lovely Nation which makes me so proud to be Kenyan.

#magical_kenya Proud to be Kenyan..πŸ˜ƒβ€

Proud to be Kenyan..πŸ˜ƒβ€

The little time spent with them got me thinking,other than these hot guys i’m so much drooling over,i love their culture,I wanna go visit sometime,and now am on that ‘saving_for_a_holiday_to_ethiopia’ mode.

A big thank you to…

It was nice meeting you guys...❀

It was nice meeting you guys…❀

Obi…Abel…Micky…Aschalew…Wongel & guys were enough motivation for me to visit your country.You are amazingly amazing from here and beyond.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I might have spent very little time with you guys but it was amazing..i loved every bit of it..πŸ’™β€

PS:My sincere apologies if i have mispelled any of your names.

‘I really should give my baby an Ethiopian name’…just thinking..πŸ™ˆπŸ˜ƒπŸ™ˆ

Anyways, …AM ARRAHIA!!! ✌😘✌❀✌


Pinkie poster...courtesy of all the princesses out there πŸ’„

Pinkie poster…courtesy of all the princesses out there πŸ’„

Again,it’s here.Destination Unknown’s 3rd Edition.Notice the pink poster?! This next edition,it’s all about the ladies.

On behalf of every princess out there into arts,I would like to thank the D.U team for making the day all about us.Thank you Thank you!!!well am not so good with ‘thank you’ Β speeches but i sure do hope you got the point.

7th of next month?Isn’t that just enough time for us to get awesome outfits for the event?!so once again,thank you.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Ladies let’s start brainstorming.

Seriously though,not that what i feel matters much to you guys but i gotta tell you,my gutt never fails me so in this case,what i feel matters most.My gutt says this will Β be yet another awesome edition.If you attended the last one then you definately know what am talking about.If you didn’t,well here’s your chance.

Entry fee is only a hundred bob so sacrifice that one scoop of ice cream.I know i will coz there’s absolutely no way am missing this.

Its main aim always being to bring Coast artistes together,this time round D.U has taken it a notch higher.

That's wassup!!!!!

That’s wassup!!!!!

So help a sister out,if you know any pretty voice around you.Don’t be selfish.Am telling you this as early as now, did you know ‘there’s a place in hell for people who don’t Β like seeing their friends prosper’ this is not a rumour by the way.So please talk her into doing this and you’ll definately save your spot in heaven.Don’t say you were never told.πŸ˜ƒ

On this particular day,let’s dress up and show up.You never know you just might earn yourself a title just like our ‘PATRON’ Vicky Ule Mmoja did.

Vicky Ule Mmoja. Named him 'PATRON' biggest supporter of arts in Mombasa...

Vicky Ule Mmoja.

This guy is a true supporter of arts and out of that he got a free antrance to every Destination Unknown event and any other event organised by The Anonymous Vedette.This time,it might be you so don’t deny yourself that chance.

I hope to see you guys there and for those who won’t make it,don’t worry this girl’s always got your back.Updates will be posted here but hey don’t just wait to read all about it and see the photos here,come experience it live.

Hoping to see you at Alliance Francaise Mombasa on the 7th.Don’t come alone though,bring as many friends as you possibly can.



Lol,did you see what i did there?!did you?! anyways,this is to yall people who take time to visit oh this big sanctuary of ours.Yap it’s ours.Except for the fact that am the only one who does the writing.

It's people like these that keep me going....thanx Salome ☺☺☺

It’s people like these that keep me going….thanx Salome ☺☺☺


A- Am very much greatful to every person that’s taken their time to visit me and read what i’ve written.



B- Been a while,i know but i promise i’ll be back.Infact,am here to stay now.

C- Cold weather and my creativity.I think the weather is going all batman(my pal’s best vigilante) on my creativity coz i got a cold that’s making my nose run.:'(:'(:'(

D- Did you know i have no idea what am doing,I mean am just writing and blubbering…i mean scribbling as usual.

E- Entertain you,Enjoy,Ending,E.t.c..ah ah this is definately not the End of my Thinking Capacity so,KEEP GOING!!!!!!

F- ‘Flash it’,that’s the name of my favourite piece done by my best spoken word artist ‘number 8’…see?told you i don’t know what am doing.Keep going though..;);)

G- God’s been so Great to me i can’t even start to imagine how life would be without Him.Am pretty sure you can back me up on that too.

H- Hoping,just hoping i’ll forever keep you thirsting for so much more from this Island of mine.

I -I’m i halfway yet?..No?! Well i literally had to count my fingers to know that am on the 9th letter.Which is definately not halfway.

J -Just keep reading,16 more letters to go.☺One letter at a time.

K -Know that am absolutely appreciative to every soul that’s been so good to me.No need to mention names.Yall know yourselves.

L -Lake of fire..Ocean of sorrow..Valley of tears..End of life..that’s pretty much my defination of the biggest word ever.LOVE!!!

Tells it all..👀

Tells it all..👀

M -Madge,Margaret..Muthoni.My name means Pearl,which is my small cousin’s name.An ancient name that i love so much.Am a double Em.

N -No no no no am not about to give up on this..I have to get to Zed.

O -On this cold,wonderful day,am writing you this.Hoping to keep you glued to this wall.Forever!!!

P -Patience is a virtue that pays so well you’ll never regret ever being patient at all.So never rush anything.

Q -Qi,did you know that this is a word recognized in most scrabble games(yeah i play scrabble alot) Quite Interesting(i can see you nodding in agreement,but that’s its meaning dummy!!!!)hehe…

R -RIBASHONGILAGASHESHIAKILI. LOL who remembers this word in the new progressive english in primary?! They used to say it was the longest word ever.Do you know any other name/or word that’s longer?! i think it still is the longest word.

S -Sit Still,am just about to finish.On my 19th letter now.19 down,7 more to go.Yipeeeeee!!!

T -Tinah Turned down Tommy’s Tripple Trippling offer only To Turn Truffle Today. Hehe that’s a T twister i just came up with,i have no idea what it means so don’t even bother looking for meanings.

U -Under the rain,is where i wanna kiss my future husband on our wedding day.Right after the pastor pronounces us a couple.

V- Very much APOLOGETIC for not posting anything new for a while.

W -Whatever’s here is just random stuff with no particular order or topic tied to it. #random_thoughts.;)

X -Xylophone.Hehe am sure its the only word that comes to mind when someone tells you to mention a word that starts with letter ‘x’…I was not about to confuse you with some other ‘x’ word that you could hardly pronounce.

Y -Yani we’ve fikad to the end? Lol Big achievement though getting to the end. Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!

Z -Zed for…uuuuhm…seriously what was Zed for in kindergarten?!

Now this was just random stuff i felt like doing…hopefully you did enjoy coz i was pretty much making up for all the time i’ve been away.It was the hardest thing i’ve ever done..coming up with that stuff.Not easy!!!!but we definately cracked it.

Lovely day though sweeries..Keep warm!!!!