For a minute there she almost forgot who she is,
A lady,
With a smile so warm and bright,
It leaves every soul around lit….
Is she? Truth though,
She’s just a hot bowl of mess
With a heart and soul so broken
She still doesn’t know how to piece it all together
With a smile so warm and bright externally
But underneath,
Nothing is more crooked and cracked,
What you see?
A girl full of color and valor,
What’s really there,
A girl, so dull and blue,
So cold,
Her teeth clutter every time,
She tries to speak.
So cold,
Not even the fiery flames of hell
Can stop the shivers
Sooo cold,
A drop of tear can’t make it
All the way down to her cheeks
without being turned to ice.
That’s what she is.
Afraid that if she lets the warmth in
She still won’t be able to fight the cold
Afraid that if she moves,
Nothing good will come of it
But a series of mistakes.
So she puts on a mask,
Hides it all under till dusk,
Tries to work it all out on her own,

But redemption is too far beyond her grasp,
With every little glimpse of light,
She’s pulled deeper into darkness,
Deeper into hopelessness,
With every curtain closing down on her,
She sadly and slowly lets go,
Gives in to her demons,
And eventually, she walks away from it all,
Away from the little hope she clang to