Would you rather put on expensive clad and look okay or buy ‘mtumba'(second hand)clad and look A.W.E.S.O.M.E?! Fashion..in simple words for me,it’s dress up to look good.AWESOME does it for me but then again my comfortability in something matters most.Why dress to impress in that shoe,hoodie,dress,skirt that you’re not comfortable in?! I know i don’t want to be those kind of girls who ‘gully creep’ or simply walk like the praying mantis in awesome 3 or 6 inch heels.But why do these people abuse these shoes so much?!smh Fashion has become so trendy off late that there are so many people blogging about it.Gotta give it to each of them though,none of their style is repeated work.Every one of them comes with his/her own unique style.It’s become a Vintage vs Modern affair and they are all killing it out there.In kenya most trending fashion advisors or rather bloggers are ladies.Not that there are no men.They’re there but not as trending.One i like though ‘Kenyan Stylista’ the guy has got awesome style. Now,to my main point.Just like Jesus,am not here to tell you about people you already know..ah ah am here to take you to places you’ve never been and that’s why today it’s all about men’s wear in here featuring my own favorite fashion freak Khalid Abdillahy.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

But where does he get his hooded shirts from?!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

But where does he get his hooded shirts from?!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Okay..let me think like a lady for a second.This guy though..a model and a jornalist.To top it all his looks are just amazing and beyond.Okay ‘no judging’ just saying,were it not for the fact that he’s a close pal and a classmate.Maze he’d be my crush on so many levels from here to infinity and beyond.Okay now that’s just TMI(too much info)for one second.But seriously ladies,who wouldn’t like a guy with an amazing sense of fashion?! A guy who knows how to match outfits and accessorize them oh so well is definately a guy to die for.Him + fashion are two things that blend oh so well.

Correct me if am wrong but this is what we call 'mixing and matching'...the colours ooh the colours.

Correct me if am wrong but this is what we call ‘mixing and matching’…the colours ooh the colours.

The colours ooh the colours..too bright and so right.If you know a thing or two about fashion,you’d know that your outfits should always compliment your complexion.Also,you should never try too hard.He understands all that and the camera loves every bit of it too.Even the grid just couldn’t resist bringing the different poses together. Whoever said that skimpies are for gay guys is so wrong he should go back to the world’s fashion book of facts and get his facts right.What most people don’t know is,it all depends on your figure or is it body type?I can’t quite get the hang of it so i’ll leave it at that and simply say that skimpies are meant for the slim bodied guys.What am trying to say is,if you are over or slightly built just stick to baggies.See? I can also give fashion advice.Good evidence right there πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡. Just complete the look with a pair of loafers and you’re good to go.

Now that right there is what am talking about πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

Now that right there is what am talking about πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

OFFICE WEAR: This is how to rock an official look and not look like a weirdo. M.I.B Man In Black...πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ So most guys,especially campus guys just hate the office wear idea thinking it would make them look old.Big lie,just get the right size,know what to match with what.Get the right tie,the right watch,the right shoes and the sexy mature you,will be brought out by that office look.It’s that simple. Now now,to that casual look that you would just drool over..especially when it involves a pair of tattered jeans with a tinch of red in it.Simple look yes but with all the uniqueness you can think of.

The top speaks volumes...

The top speaks volumes…the shoes,the shoes

Also,for that denim look you are not so sure about.Here’s an idea..

Lakini mwanaume ni kiatu...in simple terms a man's shoe says alot about him...see that shoe?!πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† UNIQUE is the word.πŸ‘ž

Lakini mwanaume ni kiatu…in simple terms a man’s shoe says alot about him…see that shoe?!πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
UNIQUE is the word.πŸ‘ž

Here’s my personal favourite on accessories..spot the watch⌚and the hat🎩? He just does it so freaking well man..

*no caption just admire*

*no caption just admire*

This is just a tinch of what his wardrobe is made of....taste!!!people taste!!!

This is just a tinch of what his wardrobe is made of….taste!!!people…taste!!!

Introducing Khalid Abdillahy,a model,journalist,style freak who is loved by the camera. Awesome Monday beauties and handsomes.. Am arrahia..✌✌✌

📻REVIVAL CONCERT(The Ultimate HipHop Experience Mombasa).🎤

No no no no..Please don’t tell me you missed it and you were in Mombasa.Man the tikoz(tickets) were only 200bob.How could you?!Okay i gotta admit though,i’m not a big fan of hiphop but i actually love cyphers.The way those guys freestyle.It’s just amazing how anything would fit right into them freestyle lyrics(sorry,totally off topic)Anyways back to where am not a very big hiphop fan though.So i wasn’t so sure about spending most of my dinner cooking time in a hiphop event at a club.Oh well,my bestfriend bought me a ticket and there was just no way i was gonna let her money go to waste.Plus i had to get info for y’all guys who couldn’t make it.

Remember that other time i mentioned destination unknown and the brains behind it.Well he,The Anonymous Vedette is still the brain behind The Revival Concert.This guy is so hooked to hiphop he has a vision of letting the whole world know that hiphop is not dead.He is a rapper himself,a pretty good one at that but he believes that artistes are not getting the attention and publicity they deserve so he went out of his way to support his own.I mean,how cool is that?!According to him though and what is really there,local music really isn’t a hit.Very little of our local artists is heard in the media but him,he wants to change it all.Make people know that there are some awesome talents around here that shouldn’t be ignored.Truth is,Charity should begin at home and for him,it really does begin at home that’s why his major focus is on this beautiful island(Mombasa) he lives in,and with the great turn out and support he gets from us guys i bet he’s dream will eventually come true.

The mind behind it all.. The Anonymous Vedette @facebook:Ian Vedette Kafuna

The mind behind it all..
The Anonymous Vedette
@facebook:Ian Vedette Kafuna

Why the revival concert?well i wanted to ask him directly but before i could,this is what he said while on stage emceeing,which he is pretty good at by the way(i also did mention that he’s a Jack of all trades)So if you ever need an emcee,he is just a phone call away from you.Anyways,why revival?!he gave an amazing story of some conversation he had with a guy about hiphop in Mombasa and this guy just couldn’t mention any hiphop artist in Mombasa.seriously,the guy didn’t even know who he was talking to.That’s what gave him this idea,the fact that the guy couldn’t name a single artist made him feel that hiphop really is dead or perhaps it just wasn’t being advertised well.Either way,he felt he had to revive it,hence ‘The Revival Concert’ where he gave so many artistes a platform,a chance to let us,the audience know who they were and what they were really made of lyrics wise.There were perfomances from our very own Ohm’s Law Montanna(now this guy is just superb,doesn’t even need a mic to do his thing.Daamn,he is good),Petrooz the beat maker(a pretty awesome producer who can sing and rap,talk about multi-talented),Neo-the band were there too(an upcoming band that’s growing too fast),The Anonymous Vedette,and the list is endless.

I didn’t stay through the entire show coz am a morning person so i had to leave early but trust me,this show was enough proof that i didn’t have to be around till the end for me to know it was a success.As most people would like to put it,it was on fire,somebody should have called 999.Okay,am going to shut up now.

Am not gonna write all these and tell you that it wasn’t all good so you didn’t miss much if you didn’t show up coz i’d be such a big liar my pants would be on fire.Maze you missed a great deal.I know i didn’t regret not cooking dinner to attend the concert.It was worth every bit of it and it did make me love hiphop a little bit more so the best advice i’ll give you right now..

I don’t know about other hiphop shows and their organisers in Mombasa,infact i’ve never heard of any,other than Vedette’s and that’s why i’ll let you in on a little secret.Any event organised by The Vedette alias Ian Kafuna,never ever,i repeat…never ever disappoints so never miss it.Every penny that should be spent on it is definately worth it.The amount of fun you’ll have,you’ll always be craving for another show.Please heed to my advice or atleast try and you’ll find so much truth in it.

Now,every article needs some serious evidence to prove that there’s 101% truth in it..there’s mine πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

This is how it all went down...

This is how it all went down..wpid-photogrid_1435471427842.jpg


wpid-photogrid_1435471251031.jpgwpid-photogrid_1435471295267.jpgTold yah!!!!..

If you missed it…show up in the next one…

A big thanx to The Anonymous Vedette for letting it all happen.The show was amazing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

That's me having an awesome time courtesy of 'The Vedette'...

That’s me having an awesome time courtesy of ‘The Vedette’…

Anyways,am arrahia..enjoy your Sunday…❀😘


That’s what they call it.Okay,that is what its called.If you told me to define it for you i’d probably give you a sentence with so many words and too much ‘uuuuuuuuhms’ that would probably land me to the correct answer anyway.I’mma spare you all that though.Now i might not give you the exact definition but i know Visual Arts has alot to do with drawing,graphics,painting and so many other stuff i can’t think of right now.How wrong am i?!let’s see..

Told yah!!!!!atleast i was close...☺

Told yah!!!!!atleast i was close…☺

So that’s the correct definition right there πŸ‘†πŸ‘†.There you go,now you know what to put drawings that other stuff under.

I know it’s been a while since i last posted something here and am so sorry.I think i upset my muse from the last post coz she went all silent on me and i just couldnt think of anything to write about though am still planning on telling you guys about the ‘revival concert’ coming soon.

Now i know you see or probably have attended art exhibitions and you see stuff that just doesn’t make sense to you and yet someone would pay billions for it to Β have it on his wall.That’s just it,art is much more than the eye can see,it has no limits.Scribbling on a piece of paper can also be art and that’s the beauty of it.The mystery,the fact that there’s more to it than meets the eye.Simply because,when artists are at it,they give it their all.It’s how they let out their emotions the best way they know how and that’s why you don’t have to understand an art piece for you to ‘wow’ it.

Anyways,back to visuals…i don’t have much so blubbering today just won’t do for me.Why am here though…i had to show off stuff..and show off who did it…☺☺☺☺☺stuff like…

By..Yonah Mudibo @facebook Yonah Mudibo-The artisti This..now this...this is just amazing..awesome..exquisitely exquisite...

By..Yonah Mudibo
@facebook Yonah Mudibo-The artist
This..now this…this is just amazing..awesome..exquisitely exquisite…

This other one…the curves are just awesome…i promised to do an article on this but my muse is being a big let down.tsk!!!! While am thinking though…enjoy the view…

The colour..the curves..AMAZING!!!! BY:Mark l-v Wambugu on facebook.. He tagged me on facebook i had to share it with you...☺☺☺☺☺

The colour..the curves..AMAZING!!!!
BY:Mark l-v Wambugu on facebook..
He tagged me on facebook i had to share it with you…☺☺☺☺☺

The very last one…done by me..yes me..it was just a reminder of what i used to do back in high school…it wasn’t sooo bad…

Calligraphy by me... Madge Sony...

Calligraphy by me…
Madge Sony…

Talent at its best although that’s it for today…you guys have a lovely weekend.Talk to you soonest..❀❀❀❀

Much love..πŸ’™πŸ’™



Now that’s a warning that should be followed to the latter.This post though,it was to be published yesterday but my lazy self just couldn’t get used to the idea of me writing this whole thing,plus my thoughts had to be arranged.My muse was just putting so much pressure on me so i had to chill….

1st of..my sincere apologies to all those who might read this and get offended.Well i won’t mention you by name but am sure the descriptions here will put it all to you simply in black and white.

2nd of all,i have a feeling this will be a long one so be mentally ready for anything..i promise you won’t get bored reading it though.

Lastly,mum,please don’t click this link but if you happen to and you read something you might think is inappropriate,please try and understand i didn’t write it willingly.Okay,maybe i did,a little,but my muse had the most part in making me do this.She just couldn’t give it a rest and i knew she wouldn’t unless i put it down.So

Muse,here we go.Just so you know though,this is the 1st and the last post am doing onΒ ratings.Any other ideas you thought of giving me,just keep them to yourself.


Over the past few days i was coming down with serious depression.Here’s why?work,friends,life and other stuff i’d rather not mention here.It was so bad my appetite was lost.I mean i always felt hungry but whenever i ate,the food was too tasteless most times i ended up sleeping on an empty stomach.Went to see a doctor,was tested for the usual.Malaria,Typhoid and Dengue fever so they didn’t help me much coz i tested negative for the three.I diagnosed myself with depression,the headaches were too much,i was always anxious,had butterflies in my tummy everytime,no appetite.So i figured it was depression.

And now,speaking for all the hopeless romantics out there..lol..everyone is a hopeless romantic by the way.Its just that we humans are different hence have different ways of guarding our hearts.The hopeless romantics hearts though,well they keep falling for the same trick hoping each time will be better than the last time.Anyways.

Why this post is rated?It talks about boys and the stupid stuff girls do for boys.The reverse is true.We all have exes.1st loves,1st kisses,Deflowerers(virginity breakers)Crushes that didn’t work out(most don’t by the way)Crushes you’ll never talk to.Now these just make our fantasies awesome.Exes,lol..If you are human,a curious human to be specific and you haven’t found the one,your list of exes is huge coz you’ve tried too many times but nothing’s working.Dating is like a terminal illness.If you’re always on the wrong medication,you’ll never know happiness till death and that’s why the exes list is just too long.



They say you never forget Your first love,better yet,get over him.True true.I know i’ve never forgotten my 1st love but getting over him,that i have.It’s my 1st kiss that i’ve never really gotten over.It was magical,lol if you have the ‘besides the ocean pic’ in your mind just scratch it.We(my then boyfie and i)used to meet in some corner by their flat’s staircase on the very last floor where no one passed,since ofcourse we couldn’t meet in our parents’ houses..lol African parents though.That was our kissing spot and that’s what made it awesome.Those were just the best moments in high school.Yap i got my 1st kiss in 3rd Form.

The heart really is a *bitch* sometimes.How would it let you love two people at the same time?Love some other person while you still have the hots for your ex? Let you get back to the same person who hurt you so bad? It really is hard to understand the ways of the heart and that’s why we should all keep calm,think about our lives,try to shoo every addiction you have in your life.I mean,shoo every addiction from your life.Hehe,sounds like the best solution ever but it’s just funny how i can’t even follow my own advice.I have an addiction i can’t fight.An ex.Worst or best part is,feeling is mutual so my rehab methods are always paused everytime he smiles.lol..stupid heart.


My point exactly being,You know this one person you try to rehabilitate yourself from but you’d get back to step one of your rehabilitation if you’re locked in a room with them?!Now that’s the addiction am talking about.One you keep fighting everytime.You keep telling yourself ‘it’s the last time’.You know so well that nothing more will ever happen,well it did once but it never really went well so twice is most probably a bad idea.So how many ‘last times’ will you have?!..

Food for thought…AM OFF!!!! ✌✌


Remember when i told you guys my Tuesdays suck?!.Well today sucks too and i pretty much hope that your morning is way better than mine.

1st of,my weekend was awesome except for the fact that my Sunday was spent with a serious headache.2nd of all,Government hospitals just suck.No order and the doctors and nurses there are just too lazy.I wish we could go back to the days where nursing and being a doctor was a calling.Nowadays it’s just a profession,its major priority being money then saving lives comes second.

These people though..

These people though..

Makes me wonder,where are we headed?!what happened to us being our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers?!I mean that’s an order given by God,yet it’s the most defied order.You’d rather stand there and look at your brother dying yet there’s something you can do to save him but you just can’t do it for free.This world is pretty messed up.Anyways that’s just me wondering how the Maker feels everytime He sees what’s happening to us,what’s becoming of this people He loves so much but they reciprocate His love with so much hatred.How does He really feel?!

3rd of all,there’s trouble in my paradise.Or should i have said paradise in plural?!I would have but with a suffix,it just sounds wrong so i’mma stick to paradise.I know what you’re thinking though and you better scratch that thought coz it’s definately wrong.I have three paradises(Oh wait,i just added ‘-es’ and it doesn’t sound off.Still not changing the 1st one though).My whole life being the major paradise,bae and i make up the 2nd.My education makes the 3rd paradise.One of them is going through a whole bunch of troubles.Am not telling you which one though.



Now,my job tops the list of the most amazing and most boring things in my days.Amazing in the sense that,the people i work with always keep me laughing.Boring in the sense that i work on Sundays.Am sure most of you can relate.

Sometimes it becomes boring if this is what you work with...πŸ˜’

Sometimes it becomes boring if this is what you work with…πŸ˜’

Anyways,am done mumbling and writing random stuff.Wishing y’all a lovely Tuesday…☺


This is to all guys out there,players especially.A word you use to show how much of a ladies’ man you are.Are you really?! Or is it all just to shield how much of a hopeless romantic you are?!..anyway,while you’re out there being the big player you call yourself coz you’ve ‘hit and ran’ like a million times,(and why do you even call it that?!)someone out there just can’t shake off the thought of how he’ll love his future daughter to the ends of the earth and back.He doesn’t even know the mum but his hopes of having a daughter are so high he’s even named her.

ZAHRA....your daughter will be a princess yes,but Zahra will be the princess of all princesses..πŸ‘°πŸ‘Έ

ZAHRA….your daughter will be a princess yes,but Zahra will be the princess of all princesses..πŸ‘°πŸ‘Έ

Zahra,that’s her,his unborn daughter.Notice the girlie princesses emoticons?! Well that’s coz she’s one.A princess.

Zahra sounds like a classy name,well that's its meaning right there so you can be sure that it really is a classy name...πŸ‘Έ

Zahra sounds like a classy name,well that’s its meaning right there so you can be sure that it really is a classy name…πŸ‘Έ

Uncertain of the exact time she’ll see this World’s daylight but he knows she will.Weird right?well if you think that’s weird,i think what’s more weird is the fact that he’s written her a book.By weird,i mean it in a good way.This book is just amazing,i read it,it made me mushy.It’s title…

That's the title...☝☝

That’s the title…☝☝

Honestly speaking,this is the sweetest thing i’ve seen among my boyfriends.By boyfriends here i mean boys who are my friends so don’t get it twisted.Where was i?!ah yeah,sweetest thing.It’s by far the sweetest thing a guy can ever do to his daughter.I envy that pretty princess though. The book’s content:

Awesome poems for Princess Zahra.

Awesome poems for Princess Zahra.

Poems for his daughter.Awesome poems at that.From a dad to his daughter with possibly every advice a dad can give his daughter about the cruelties of this World beause let’s face it,every princess needs her king to survive.Also,it is every king’s duty to protect his princess from the vicious monsters around her who are out to cause her so much sadness.

Hehe..this was just my best.Girls,has daddy ever told you that?!.. Free advice:That's ☝☝what to do when guys tell you to shake what your mama gave yah!!!! πŸ™Š

Hehe..this was just my best.Girls,has daddy ever told you that?!..
Free advice:That’s ☝☝what to do when guys tell you to shake what your mama gave yah!!!! πŸ™Š

Then this…best part…’but Zahra,only serve wine.’

..that's just it...best advice from a dad...πŸ‘Œ

..that’s just it…best advice from a dad…πŸ‘Œ

The ‘he’ or rather the dad am talking about here is one Mauko Maunde,a poet,a writer,a business guy.In short,he does a little bit of everything in and out of arts.Am sure most of you have seen him in Last Word Standing held monthly at Alliance Francaise Mombasa..he’s part of the organising committee plus he’s emceed in some editions.Another thing am sure he’ll be good at,is being a dad. Like every other dad,he knows he won’t be around forever.One day he’s gonna be put to rest but he assures Zahra that him not being there for her physically doesn’t mean it’s the end of his love and care for her.

That's how he put it..i thought it sweet..it was brief and well put to show how much he'll forever care for his daughter....πŸ’•πŸ’•

That’s how he put it..i thought it sweet..it was brief and well put to show how much he’ll forever care for his daughter….πŸ’•πŸ’•

Not to brag but Mauko is a close friend and if you know him so well am sure this is not the 1st time am mentioning Zahra to you.This princess i can’t wait to meet.She’s one gem who am pretty sure will be surrounded by so much love she won’t ever face her dark days alone.

So girls,men aren’t entirely bad.There are some out there who actually know what they want out of this life.They’ve set their priorities right and here’s a perfect example so don’t lose hope.Your Knight in shining armour will one day come and sweep you off your precious feet.Smile,it’s not yet the end.Brighter days are yet to come.☺☺☺

The acknowledgements and copyrights page is proof enough,of the fact that this little princess has so many shoulders to lean on.Did i mention Mauko is a close friend?!Not to brag but…argh!!!what the hell,i just have to brag about this one.The fact that am part of the thanked team.You can also be sure that every other soul mentioned there is just amazing.

That's us...☺☺☺

That’s us…☺☺☺

For more info on the book,contact me @ Madge Sony or Arts Island on facebook or the main guy Mauko Maunde at..πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Contact him to get a copy...

Contact him to get a copy…


Its been two days but it seriously feels like it’s been forever.Got to admit though,i didn’t think people come here often till i got a text from a friend telling me he’s still waiting for my next post..my sincere apologies for my absence.Hope am forgiven.

Warning:Madge Sony’s face is all over this article so enjoy the beauty.☺

Boy am i bad at definitions.Lemi try this one though,without referring to google.

Selfie;A picture taken by oneself of oneself..lol,is that even english?!..atleast i tried though.Be right back…

And that's the correct definition according to my dictionary...☺..see? I was close..

Am back with this,which is the correct definition according to my dictionary…☺..see? I was close..

Am gonna call it a game coz that’s the name used mostly around social networks.So this game,liked by many in every generation.Yes i said every generation,my mum loves it too hence me saying every generation.

Since it's a friday,am just gonna put a FlasbackFriday hashtag on it.. #FbF Caption:_with a pal at...yada yada yada...

Since it’s a friday,am just gonna put a FlasbackFriday hashtag on it..
Caption:_with a pal at…yada yada yada…

The selfie game,played and loved by many girls,guys too but girls mostly to show off their prettyfaces and smiles.It’s what resulted to instagram’s invention i bet.

Then the phrase,’but 1st,lemmi take a selfie’ came.Hehe this game be too strong people take selfies anywhere and everywhere.

Hehe..my selfie game be strong too in my dust coat...☺

Hehe..my selfie game be strong too in my dust coat…☺at work…see what i mean by everywhere and anywhere?!

Filters,haha now this is the funniest but best thing that has ever happened to any dark chiq/black beauty who doesn’t think black is beauty and hates every bit of her dark complexion.They come in different shades that’s why christmas comes early for every dark chiq that would give up anything to be light skinned.I mean what’s really wrong with us girls and what part of ‘you are created in God’s own image and likeness’ don’t we understand.Why be so insecure with what you have and what you are that you’d do anything just to change it all?!Sometimes it’s just annoying.For others though,they use filters for fun and not because they wanna change anything.Imean,why not use them if they are there?!There’s all kinds,if i’d start mentioning them,trust me the world would end even before i get quarter way so i better not.

Now this is a filtered version of me..we'd compare it to the original one,unfortunately i can't trace it...

Now this is a filtered version of me..we’d compare it to the original one,unfortunately i can’t trace it…makes me look pretty.Now you get why we use filters…

Now,for guys it’s never that serious like it is for us and if it’s ever serious,hehe well the other guys call you gay and they’ll tease forever till you stop and be simple.This doesn’t happen everytime though in the guy’s world.For some it’s serious and it’s quite okay but when it starts getting weird,teasing begins.


Most of you in this game know this photo editing application called photogrid.When you take too many selfies and you feel like putting all of them out there,you don’t have to upload one by one,it gets boring to everyone who follows you.Personally,if i see like a million and one pics on my homepage posted by one person,doesn’t really matter how the caption reads,i simply unfollow you and that’s that.Don’t mistake me for a hater but seriously,it doesn’t matter how pretty or handsome you are,monotony is just boring.

Grid+Scrapbook When you take a million selfies that you want to share....put them all in one or different grids then proceed to scrapbook... There are special applications designed for that. use your creativity to put your different looks in one pic..☺☺

When you take a million selfies that you want to share….put them all in one or different grids then proceed to scrapbook…
There are special applications designed for that.
use your creativity to put your different looks in one pic..☺☺

So to avoid boring and probably even loosing your followers,just put every selfie in one grid and everyone is happy.You don’t have to make people go through so much trouble unfollowing you or liking each photo of you taken on one day in the same outfit,that’s just tedious.Oh and boring.

I know i’ve mentioned boring like a million times i probably should have even called this article boring but i can’t think of any other word that means boring and is so straight foward other than ‘boring’ so please bear with me.

Lol..now am the one becoming boring but i thought i gave you a warning on what to except..anyways this is the last you're seeing of my pretty face in this article....lovely day 😘😘

Lol..now am the one becoming boring but i thought i gave you a warning on what to except..anyways this is the last you’re seeing of my pretty face in this article….lovely day 😘😘

Anyways,see you tomorrow right here and make sure you enjoy your selfie game to the fullest.Don’t forget to hashtag it ‘YOLO’ oldest slogan in the book that’s never ran out of ‘swag’.


I think i’ve mentioned severally how my Tuesdays suck.Why?!I have no idea,they just have to suck.How much?!You see the way you guys have Monday blues?!well my Mondays mostly fall on Tuesdays.Am used to it though..
1st of,i snoozed my alarm like 10 times before i officially woke up to get ready for work.I was so tempted to call in sick but i just don’t have the guts to lie..smh.So anyways,got to work,tried calling my lecturer for like the a hundredth time but the result is the same,no answer.tsk!!!Guess i just have to go down there myself…
Am done blubbering,oh wait.my day is just psychless but am hoping you’re having a better one yourself.So smile through out the day ☺.Okay,now am done blubbering.There’s always a bright side to every dull thing..mine,πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡,got me all ☺☺☺☺☺

This is what brought me here..i had to share it with you...

This is what brought me here..i had to share it with you…

Now can you tell the difference?!...total look alikes..the eyes,the lips..its just exquisite πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Now can you tell the difference?!…total look alikes..the eyes,the lips..its just exquisite πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

He did it again,Mark_l.v only that this time round i was his inspiration.This was my last year’s birthday outfit,he asked for the pic and i had to go all the way to my instagram and look for it.By evening,this is what i got.Gave me the ‘aaaaaaaaaww’ feeling.I loved it.

Give me a pencil and a piece of paper,now give me one of your pics and tell me to draw you.Hehe it’d take me forever trying to come up with the exact figures on the pics.The end result,would be something horrific.lol..what am trying to put across,this guy simply has talent.damn!!!!

Filters and photo editting is the best i could do and this is what i came up with..

#yes_filters...lol Art by: Mark_l.v (instagram)

Art by: Mark_l.v (instagram)

So you guys,it’s lunchtime and am starving a*f gotta leave you,my tummy is seriously grumblingπŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘….

Lovely day to you…πŸ’•πŸ’•β˜Ίβ˜Ί

PS:if you want a portrait done by Mark,halla for more info ☺☺


Monday_Smile ☺☺☺

Monday_Smile ☺☺☺ that smile you put on when you know it’s a holiday,none of your bosses is around and you so have to turn work into a theatre..i mean if i don’t break the rules today,i don’t think i ever will…Almost watching,’oga’ @ work *evil laugh*…I should have worn a scarf though.

Morning people.Notice the smile?!…atleast i can afford a smile after trying to reach my lecturer but to no avail.I think the weather is affecting her too..lol.

Seriously,this place is too cold,i thought Mombasa was meant to be hot.I’ve never been to penguin land but i think whatever am going through here is more of South pole’s weather..what am trying to say,this is so cuddly weather and I could be home cuddling with my big baby teddy bear,yes i have one.All girls own one.Okay not all but most.

It’s cold my fingers are too numb to type fast but am getting somewhere….am no fashion blogger or fashion guru but the best i can do in advicing you guys on how to keep warm,cover yourself in a big warm duvet if you’re at home.I know i’d do that were it not for this job…smh.For those at work like me and you are all ‘freeze and shine’ or even almost(underdressed),like me,just keep away from the AC(air conditioning)damn,i should have worn a scarf *freezing*.That piece of advice won’t help much but half is way better than none so enjoy…

If you haven’t noticed by now that am pretty much blubbering,with nothing specific to write,prolly because of this baby making weather,then you need to open your eyes more ☺…today is just not colourful enough,looks so meh:?Am pretty sure i didn’t bore you though so you keep warm and have an amazing day in bed..☺

Personally,am about to open my laptop and watch ‘oga’ (Nigerian movie).None of my bosses is around coz it’s a holiday.Happy Madaraka day by the way.So a million and one rules are about to be broken by me today and they(my bosses) will never know…*evil laugh* 😈😈 bye guys..it’s already ‘rules breaking’ o’clock…(just made that up btw 👅👅👅)