When I needed an angel it was you who made the sacrifice
Just in the nick of time
When I needed an angel I didn’t have to look to the sky
‘Cause you made me realize that you were right here all the time
Right here all the time, right here all the time

Who doesn’t like boy bands? Me? I love ’em. So much I’d spend a whole day in bed listening to their touchy feely songs. Weird right? But that’s how we all end up in karaoke slaying the lyrics plus the tune, but with a voice so crooked a frog would croak better. ‘All 4 One’, that song up there is one of my favorites of their songs and it’s also my ‘now playing’.

The lyrics, so true your mind can’t help but wander off to all those amazing moments you’ve had in life, not forgetting how mad or sad you feel for every one of the moments that broke you. Deny it all you want but we’ve all been to this place at one point in time, and don’t even dare say it only happened when you were younger ’cause that’s a lie I wouldn’t dream of believing so it would do us much good if you kept the thought, or rather, lie… to yourself. To those of us strong enough to admit we get these moments though, don’t you ever wonder what happened to that one person you wouldn’t hesitate wasting a bullet on? Personally, I do, especially when I think of how precious Ms. Karma hasn’t still had the chance to get to that beautiful soul due to her long list.

But, as of today, Madge chooses to relieve Karma of her duties. Which brings me to…

Dear Ms. Karma,

Madge here, Unfortunately that’s the only formality I’d engage in at the moment so i’ll just jump right in to the nitty-gritty. Am sure you’ve heard this famous saying you inspire so much, ‘Karma is a b***h’?, by now am guessing you’re sitted somewhere reading this like “whaaat! who! me? Psssh!!! It can’t be that bad” Gaaal, you have no idea how much you’ve lived up to your reputation among us humans.

For true though, am even sure some bizarre humans somewhere have set up a pretty little shrine where they take each of their first fruit of their harvest beautifully wrapped with a long list of the people they want you to visit in that particular season. Yap!!! That’s how admirable your vengeful skills are. This might be a rumor though, right? As in you might be a rumor, but you know what?

Just incase you’re not a rumor and you’re really out there being bad ‘Santa’, punishing poor souls for being the only thing their existence allows them to be:Human, I know you’ve come across my long list of people I’ve always wanted you to pay a ‘visit’. Everyone has a list by the way, heck even the pope has to have one tucked somewhere no one can see.

Anyway, now that we’re working with the fact that you might be in existence,  then it’s safe to say that you really are made for avenging good people or whoever it is you help. You have to admit though, it does get tiresome sometimes, right? Which is why today I choose to withdraw my long list of everyone I’ve always wanted you to punish on my behalf. Why? I swear I also don’t know why I’ve had a sudden change of heart.

Probably I saw the light and just got tired of subconsciously pacing around waiting for something terrible to happen to people in my bad books just so I can gloat and scream “You just got slapped by Karma b***h!!!”. Or it could be, I simply felt we overwork you too much and thought you could use a big break.

So please crumple my paper, dump it in the fire place and use the little time you’d spared for me to get yourself a decent meal which you should enjoy watching your favorite show. Better yet, take a very long nap that should leave you fresh for your next 1st person in the list after mine.

And that, Ms. Karma is how grateful I am. Am pretty sure you’ve crossed rivers and climbed the steepest mountains ever imagined and for that I will forever cherish you. You never know, probably out of this, some good may come your way, lol!  Personally, I choose to believe that how people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. So, do good and good will come back to you.

‘Cause what goes up comes back down, so will all that hatred we go around spreading, but that’s just the law of existence. You’ve helped me a great deal there’s no doubt about that but it’s time I taught myself how to be a better person and learn to forgive and forget.

I choose to rest my Karma!!!!

Yours Sincerely,

Madge Sony.