Okay no this is serious,last time i was here was 1st of this month.No wonder guys keep asking whether my blog is still alive,yes people it’s very much alive and functional.Here i am.

1st of..Ese i’ll still do whatever you adked me to.Be patient please.

2nd of..Shaos the violinist yes bado niko tu and am back so now you do not have to keep revising my posts when you’re brain is full of mathematics.You should consider my advice though,just leave school,computer science will kill you dude.

3rd of Ian yes this blog still works i’d just taken a break from all this.Truth is,i seriously had no psych and content but here i am,so ready to help by the way.Hoping to get new content on Sunday though.

4th of..Neville,yes too…am very much functional.Writing will never stop for me.Am back from the break…new posts still to come.

To y’all readers of mine.Am so sorry for making you come here and get disappointed.And yes,i know i’ve apologised like a million and one times.All those apologies are genuine,today’s included.I promise to keep it that way.Not apologising but to be here always.

So what have you guys been upto?!…

Personally,i’ve been up to so much stuff,Pwani arts exhbition.Wasnt motivational enough to write but i’ll still put it down here though.
Me with family at Shimoni caves.

Me with big daddy and his two wives at Mamba Village.Am his biggest fan.

Me at coldstone…yaaaaas icecream is bae..🍨🍧

And that’s at Pwani Art’s exhibiton.

I missed the International Cultural Festival.Don’t know why..

I miss Mshikaki Fest..:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

I hope i’ll make it to all the good events that are coming up.

Oh wait i just realised that Sunday event will be in Nairobi.Won’t make it :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

Once again am sorry for being so lost…This time round am so sticking around for sure.

This is short but i hope you get the point…Am sticking around for sure.

I didn’t even make it to the event..but big things be coming y’all..Basically though,i had an amazing time and did so much stuff,met new good people.Hope you enjoyed your time though.
Am arrahia ✌💕