Mum,i’ll definately tag you this,and as you read it,i know you might at one point feel like i no longer need your help but that feeling is so wrong.I will always be your little girl and i will always run to you in my darkest of times.In this moment though,i wanted to try and do it on my own.Be responsible coz am all grown now,i felt it was my battle.And it turned out so well all thanks to you.💕

Yes life is unfair,so unfair you wanna give up on everything everytime you try and look into your future and all you see is total darkness with not a single streak of light.

That was me two weeks ago.You know how we keep saying everything happens for a reason and that when a door closes on you,God is always there to open a window for you?Two weeks ago,all that made no sense to me.

So this is what happened,I got this job under a contract a few months ago.My 1st job ever by the way all thanks to a very good friend of mine,Victor.I’ve never been happier,i felt my life had started.No experience was required and they paid well for a student like me.There’s nothing i ever wanted more than paying my own stuff.Am a first born and the word ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ is a word my mum has never stopped mentioning to me so i couldn’t wait for that time i’d stop asking mum for cash and the time was finally here.Well,am a girl,all grown yes,i love mummy so much so growing up has never kept me from telling mum every one of my achievements and i told her all about it,she was so proud of me,it gave me so much motivation to always be at my best,looking forward to every single day of my work life.

It went on so well for the 1st few months i knew i was doing evrything right,i wasn’t perfect yes but man is to error.I never used that as an excuse though,i made sure everything was done so well,trying so hard not to repeat a single mistake.So committed,working from Sunday to Sunday.With my colleagues being so good to me,i knew it was all good,i was so comfortable i forgot the fact that humans will forever be humans,no matter how friendly or good they are to you there’s always that one time someone would terribly act like they’ve never seen or known you before.I was so consumed with the lively environment around me,i never had a moment to stop and think about the possible ‘what ifs’.Okay am not being malicious but we are human and we all have a dark side,it all depends on whether you’ll let it rule over your good side or not.Like i was saying,i was blind to all that till i received a call from a colleague one evening telling me he’s received word from the supervisor that i shouldn’t report to work the following morning.I was shocked yes,but here’s what i thought.Who does that?!A man in authority asking someone working under him to pass such information to another colleague at 10pm? What has this world really come to? Me being the big head that i am all thanks to mummy(she’s always taught me to fear no man and stand up for myself) So I decided to call him,just to let him say what he cowardly couldn’t tell me to my face,when i heard him say it,i was satisfied but one thing’s for sure,i knew my call made him feel so stupid coz as much as he didn’t wanna tell me face to face.I still made him say it anyways.

Next morning…ever lost a job,you forget to turn off your alarm then it wakes you up the next morning and it actually hits you that you have no where to go? Well,that was me.That’s when i lost it,i couldn’t hold back my tears.I felt all hope was lost,how could i call my mum and tell her i’d lost my job,i had savings yes but still using that money meant i had to start all over again but i still didn’t want to start asking money from mum again.So what would happen if i actually used all my savings,i’d still go back to mum.I knew all my options led me back to mum.Which would be me taking a hundred steps back and i didn’t want that,but here’s the thing,the darkness around me wouldn’t allow me to take a step back or foward coz i wasn’t sure where it would land me.Probably in a darker place.So i lay in bed crying but then i remembered my supervisor saying i wasn’t to report to work until further notice.The little English i know,tells me ‘until further notice’ means there’s still a chance.So i decided to be so good and apologise.To be honest,i had no idea what i was apologising for,it just felt like the right thing to do at the moment.So i wrote an apology and sent it to both my supervisor and the H.R.Minutes later i got a call from a friend telling me not to bother coz i’d already been replaced.That was actually meant to crash me more but Believe it or not,that was my motivation right there.Yes i was sad at first but later on i put two and two together and realised all that time i had no problem,i wasn’t at fault.My only problem was,i’d refused to mix business with pleasure and all they needed was someone who’d do both.If you know what i mean.It was at that moment that i thanked God for everything.I might have been fired on short notice but i really thanked  God i walked out of that gate with my dignity as a lady.I felt a wave of calmness overcome me.I knew God had a reason for all that.All i had to do was refuse to take 100 steps backwards and look for a way foward.I knew it wouldn’t be easy but i had to start looking for a job before it was too late.I had so much hope that something would work out so i took my phone and started making enquiries for any job vacancies from friends until I got to an old pal,who’s always been like a mum and a sister to me and she told me i could try applying where she works.So i took my resumé and a week later i got a call for an interview after which i was told to wait for a call in a weeks time though they made no promises.I just couldn’t stop praying and crossing my fingers at the same time.I even used to carry my phone to the washrooms.That’s how bad it was,but just when i was about to lose all hope,Sarah(my pal)leaked me some info and told me i got the job,all i had to do was wait for the official call and on the following day which was on a Friday,i got a call from my boss to be telling me to report to work on Monday at 8:30AM.

Why am i greatful?God gave me the strength to take a step foward,i had no idea where it’d take me but without all that hope and faith in me,i’d have missed that call forever.

All that taught me,everything does happen for a reason,no one knows what reason exactly but trust in God,have faith in Him and that reason will be clearly revealed to you.

I know I’ll forever be greatful to Him for giving me the courage to face a big challenge alone,with His guidance in every step of the way.The best part is,i don’t deserve all that goodness but He still did it anyways,all that gives me a reason to be greatful forever.

My daily prayer is that He’ll never leave my side no matter what.